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THE ANTS OF MARS: Curiosity Hoax File - Bullsh*t on Bullsh*t

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    Curiosity Hoax File - The Ants of Mars - The Pyramid

    NASA's blink gif with before and after shots by the Mars Rover, has ants in the frame.

    New Evidence Supports Theory That Mars Rover Mission Is Actually a Bernal Hill Hoax | Bernalwood

    Trouble is the ants progressed only a few body lengths, while the longer shadows indicate a time frame of at least some hours - Means someone is jiggering with the data

    Pyramid shaped rock found on Mars by NASA rover Curiosity | Space, Military and Medicine | News.com.au

    More scientific fraud appeared September 2012, when the Mars Pyramid story showed up ..

    The alleged pyramid is part of a section of the Great Wall of China!

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    veeery interesting Mr. Martin